Prezi Present UI Plugin System

in progress...

Goal / User or Business Problem to solve

  • for designers and for developers: enable faster feature development by reusable design and code components
  • for users: unify visual design and interaction patterns to easier repeated use of the tool

Design solutions / Prototypes

  • exploring, fine-tuning interactions and UI animation with code

Role in the project

  • defining and creating initial set of components
  • iterating on components based on new use cases and designer requests
  • managing design backlog for upcoming components and distributing between the design team

Results / Data points

  • enabled external content integrations = search images, icons, gifs, videos. Some of these integrations resulted 10% activation improvement  in the tool
  • enabled advanced customization options to unlock document-wide styling, saving parts of the document for later reuse. Some of these significantly contributed for free users to start a paying subscription plan.