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Tom Fejér


Craft in software design

Thoughts on boring software

5 months ago

Experiments in Motion Graphics

volume 2

10 months ago


This week I am thinking about what it means to be a design-driven company and took notes of an interview with Airbnb's Brian Chesky. Design-driven, functional organization, architecture, industrial design, software design, and more.

a year ago

Designer's guide to a war room and how to end it

The designer's war room is where the team can make quick decisions and align on critical parts of the product experience. After the "war room" ended, we aimed to transition to a sustainable remote collaboration.

a year ago

Designing native Windows and macOS apps in 2021

How to use guidelines, learn from 1st party apps and find resources to design native Windows and macOS apps

a year ago

Blogs and Newsletters can be the new Design Portfolios

Collection of thoughts on whether designers should write, how to let the world know about new posts and why to consider starting a newsletter.

2 years ago

Year in Prezi Product Design | 2019

2019 was the busiest year for the team since I joined Prezi. Next to releasing an entire product for multiple platforms in less than a year, we introduced many meaningful features to our users.

3 years ago

Making a game for a fantasy console

Working with constraints is frustrating for some, a creative juice for many.

4 years ago

Prototyping with real news

I made a prototype using news articles from over 30,000 news sources and blogs and this is a sneak peek how I did it.

4 years ago

Browser size ≠ Screen size

When we design for the web we do not have control over how much real estate we get from our users to display what we want to display. What we can do is be conscious of the space we were given and group and prioritize the content well and adapt the layout and components to the browser size.

5 years ago

Have you heard about the Spotify web API?

I decided to build a fun, little game prototype using Spotify’s Web API.

5 years ago