ioTree Web application


role & timeframe
graphic user interface design: 4 weeks

platforms / technology
progressive web application

maform - 2015 

During this project we had to deal with a complex challenge: to turn any phone or tablet to a custom dashboard. To reach this goal with a seamless interaction flow, we developed a user interface that allows easy-to-use automation creation, unified data visualisation and activity feed. this resulted in an open system which can grow and adapt to new devices and use cases. The modern, bold, colourful brand makes the user experience even better.

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Unique properties
The application enables interactions between different devices which are using different communication protocols. We designed a consistent interface for a wide range of iot devices.

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Interaction design
ioTree features a responsive layout for a progressive web application which can run on full screen on a small mobile phone or on a large tv. It has a visual system for managing, controlling and automating different connected devices. Information hierarchy is created by colours, typography, iconography and layouts.

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Design methods
• analysing and reviewing existing platforms
• envisioning scenarios and use cases from different industries
• prototyping to check the layout on various screen sizes and resolution

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some of the compatible devices