Telekom Running App


role & timeframe
user experience design: 4 weeks
native apps' gui: 4 weeks

platforms / technology
iOS, Android, web, Wear OS, watchOS


- redesigning the most popular Hungarian running application
- giving the app a fresh new look - applying the material design principles
- taking advantage of each platform native components
- find more understandable navigation pattern and menu structure for the mobile app
- extend the existing platforms to the web and wearables 

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Unique properties
- easy-to-use and up-to-date calendar which seamlessly integrates local sport events with the personal training plan and historical data
- personalised and actionable cards are providing relevant information to each user
- interactive data visualisation on a responsive website
- incorporates professional runners training plans for beginners and pros

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Interaction design
- aimed for consistency throughout platforms
- shared visual style: colours, iconography, typography, layout, animation transitions
- takes advantage of platforms
- Android: ongoing notification to be able to pause and resume workout without unlocking the phone
- web: interactive calendar and timeline view to manage historical data and visualise running pace and compare lap times
- interactive ui components and layout adapted to the sport activities
- bigger touch targets to start and pause workouts
- adaptive layout to show the right information during workout sessions
- snappy, quick animation curves and fresh, vibrant colours contributes to the desired sporty and active experience with the app 

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Design methods
- analysing and reviewing the former versions to pinpoint system level challenges
- benchmarking and trend studies
- prototyping - clickable wireframes to validate menu structure and general layout, explorations to fine-tune animation transitions
- interviewing advanced users - understand behaviours and unique habits